How to Save Money on New Construction, Home Renovation, Or Home Addition Projects

You probably have heard that general contractors work with a built in profit that you can avoid paying if you are willing to be your own general contractor. To be the general contractor yourself comes with a lot of responsibility and can easily become a big headache. There is another little known alternative for you.

Use a construction manager instead of a General Contractor!

Your price for the exact same work on your home renovation or new construction project will be lower than any price quoted by a general contractor because a construction manager will eliminate the overhead and excessive profit contained in any estimate or quote from a GC (General Contractor). The CM (Construction Manager) also eliminate the markups on all subcontractors. If you have a GC, they will add a markup to all materials and supplies as well as to subcontractors bills.

The CM performs the same function as a GC but runs the job as a service to the homeowner for a comparably low fee, rather than with a built in profit. Using the construction managers service allows you to kind of act as your own GC but without the headache. There is just a lot to manage and know for the average home owner to competently manage a construction or renovation project. Can you really make all the right informed decisions yourself?

Here are a few more reasons why hiring a Construction Manager might be a good idea:

1. Finish your renovation or new construction on time

2. Keep the construction project on budget

3. Get the lowest contractor prices

4. Reduce Anxiety for the home owner

5. Control extras/eliminate surprises

6. Ensure quality construction work

Good luck with your next construction project.

For more information and tips check out Martin Heymans’ Construction Management [] site.

Daniel Spiess, writing for:

MHA Construction Management & Consulting

Martin Heyman Associates, based in Newton Massachusetts, provides professional construction management and construction know-how directly for you the home owner.

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